Multi Hand Video Blackjack

Multi Hand Video Blackjack


  • Video Blackjack
  • 4 Decks or 8 Decks
  • Soft 17: Stand
  • Double (After Split): Any 2 (Yes)
  • Insurance: Yes
  • Surrender: No
  • Split: 1 (2 hands)


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Multi Hand Video Blackjack

Do you love to play Blackjack? Well wager Logic has an all new way to play with their Multi-Hand Video Blackjack games. You will have the chance to play from 1 to 5 hands of Blackjack against up to 50 separate Dealer hands! That will give you between 3 to 250 results from each round! You will also have the chance to choose from 4 decks or 8 decks. So be sure to give Multi-Hand Video Blackjack a chance, it may become your new favorite way to play Blackjack.


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