Vegas 3 Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy Gaming Tips

We’ve got Vegas Three Card Rummy Gaming Tips to help you out, if you are new to the game, or just looking to improve your skills.

Vegas Three Card Rummy

  • Game type: Table game/card game
  • Availability: This version of Blackjack if offered on online casinos using Real Time Gaming (RTG) software.
  • Risk/Reward: Low – Vegas Three Card Rummy doesn’t have large wins, but your money does go far.
  • Skill Game: Vegas Three Card Rummy is a game where your level of skill can greatly effect your chances.

    Vegas Three Card Rummy

    Named after a city of excess, Vegas Three Card Rummy challenges you to keep things under control by scoring low to win big. In Vegas Three Card Rummy, your three card hand is pitted against the dealer’s three card hand and the lowest score wins. Pairs, triples, and suited runs are scored as zero, giving you a small score that can lead to a big payout. This hot new game even offers a Bonus Bet with an incredible payout of up to 100:1!

    In Vegas Three Card Rummy you are dealt three cards face up and the dealer is dealt three cards face down. The goal of Vegas Three Card Rummy is to get fewer points than the dealer.

    The dealer’s hand must qualify with 20 points or less. If the dealer does not qualify, you win even money on the Ante and your Raise is returned. Payout for the Bonus Bet is determined independently from the dealer’s hand.


    Point Values

    2 through 10face value
    Face Cards10 points
    Aces1 point
    Any Pair0 points
    Any Triple0 points
    Two-card Suited Run0 points
    Three-card Suited Run0 points

    Important – When a hand can be scored as either a pair or a two-card suited run, the two-card suited run will always be used to determine the score. This is only done if the resulting score is the same.


    To Play

    Click chips to place an Ante bet within table limits or click ‘Rebet’ and skip to step 4.

    1. Click on Bonus Bet to place an additional bet
    2. Click chips to place a Bonus Bet within table limits
    3. Click Deal
    4. Click Fold or Bet


    To Win (meet one):

    Your hand has fewer points than the dealer’s hand.
    The dealer’s hand does not qualify with 20 points or less.


    Payouts – Ante Bet

    Player04 : 1
    Player1 – 52 : 1
    Player9 – 19Even Money 1:1
    Player/Dealer TieAnyPush


    Payouts – Ante Bet

    PlayerA-2-3 Suited Run100 : 1
    Player025 : 1
    Player1 – 62 : 1
    Player7 – 10Even Money 1:1
    Player11 – 124 : 1